The Legal Fine Print

All software, books and supplies come with a 100% money-back guarantee. You must call us first before returning any items for shipping instructions; postage for returned goods must be pre-paid by you. Chart subscriptions which are cancelled may be prorated for remaining subscription. Many orders are invoiced (very-short-term credit) and we require payment within 7 days of receiving our invoice. At our discretion, we may require payment in advance, particularly for large orders. Payment can be made by personal or company check or money order, in U.S. dollars. We DO NOT charge any mysterious "handling" fees; postage is exactly what the shipper charged us. Occasionally one of our vendors will have a price increase mid-year, often more quickly than we can update our catalog. “Prices are subject to change without notice,” but you will be informed at the time of your order if the price of any items have changed. Orders are governed by the laws of the state of Texas.

Privacy Notice

Privacy on the Internet is a valuable, but sadly a rapidly diminishing, commodity. This notice is to inform you of exactly what information is gathered when you visit our Web site, and to what use the information is put.

What Information We Gather About You

1. No explicit personal data is gathered, except for the data you choose to provide on our software registration page, where you give us a mailing address and/or an email address.

2. No so-called "cookies" are saved on your computer.

3. A standard WWWeb log is kept which tells me your host computer (NOT your local computer, but rather the name of your Internet Service Provider's server computer), and the specific pages you visit on our web site. I don't know how you got to our site, nor do I know where you went next after leaving our site. Thus, I could tell for example someone from CompuServe or an ISP somewhere in Australia visited the home page, then the soaring page, but I DO NOT know that it was John Smith from Providence, RI at IP address

How We Use That Information

1. We DO NOT sell, give away, or in any other way distribute our mailing list of email or snail-mail addresses to any other person, company, organization, etc.  This includes both our software registration list AND our own customer list (people who have purchased items from us).

2. We use the WWWeb log to see which of our pages are getting the most traffic, and how many unique hosts "hit" us per day, i.e. summary reports with totals, not reports by individual addresses. None of our logs are shared with any other person, company, orgaization, etc.