Real-Time Battle for your Color or Grayscale Palm!

Click here to download the Free (Unregistered) version! (105K)

Love to play real-time strategy games on your desktop?  Wish you had one for your Palm OS device for more action away from home?  Hate those time-consuming turn-based strategy games-- just want to "command and forget?"  Your wait is finally over!

Conquer! is a single player real-time military strategy game for Color Palm OS devices.  The scenario is simple: use your Blue army to wipe the enemy Red army off of the map!  Use your ground, air and water units to explore the dynamically generated terrain, locate and mine mineral resources to build more units, find the enemy, and kill them all... it's either you or them!


Explosive action for a Palm-sized price: only $9.99!


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Build and command 14 different ground, air and water units!

Find the enemy and destroy them all!

Use the Mini Map to monitor your own and visible enemy units, explored and unexplored areas, visible and non-visible regions, mineral deposits, etc.